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Think positive in 2016!

It is the 16th of January 2016 am I’m slowly making plans for the things I want to do and achieve this year. However, unlike the previous years I only have one new years resolution.


You are reading this and thinking “wow great way to narrow it down” or “What does that even mean? you are a positive person already”….

Well I have come to the realisation that whilst I’m positive in the way I treat others when it comes to my self I am very self critical. I don’t stop to acknowledge my own achievements and successes, in fact when I do achieve something my self talk does the exact opposite.

If I had a good ‘healthy’ day my inner voice says “yes, but you did have the extra chocolate and the 4 coffees and no exercise yesterday” So any attempt to build some momentum is instantaneously destroyed.

I have been thinking about this for some time now and can only conclude that my self talk and self sabotage is doing nothing to get me motivated to change my ways. Over the past two years I have accumulated a significant amount of “comfort wight”. And my apparent focus to loose this “stress weight” has achieved the exact opposite of what I wanted.

I still joke with my friends that I have a magical scale at home. No matter how good or bad I have been the number sits at 95.3 kgs. Yes people I weigh 95.3 kgs. 6 more kilos and that is how much I weight 3 days before I gave birth to Charlie.

I have set a plan in motion to help me release my comfort weight. It involves both movement and nutrition but all of that is nothing if I don’t change my mind set.

Hence my resolution - Think POSITIVE!

I will focus only on the achievements I make on my journey.

I will not punish my self if I indulge occasionally.

I will listen to my body more and not punish it.

I will take it easy on my self in times of stress

I will learn to put my expectations on pause when I realise that I can not walk through walls.

I will remind my self that I’m on a mission to a better me not a skinny me.

And most importantly, I will be kind to my self.

To those who are reading this and know me, I invite you to pull me up on any negative self talk you hear from me. Remind me why I’m doing this if I forget my self.

Make me accountable.

What is your New Years resolution for 2016? How can I help you keep them?


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