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About Me:


Hello and welcome to my blog "Vanya Says So"


My name is Vanya, I am 33 and I have decided to start project "My healthy life"! 


My life has always been focused on chasing success, I HAD to be the best in everything I did. I had to have good grades at school, I had to get into the best University to get the best job. I had to make sure I did everything everyone expected of me; Dad said I had to finish Uni in IT; Mum said I had to be an independent woman; my boss said I had to sign the contract or deliver the project within budget.

Once I started working I had set my mind to succeed in all the projects I was given to work on. And I did, I attacked every work project with zero restraint and the highest confidence. Even tasks I had never done I mastered in a very short time. My thought before any project was always "there is no reason I can't do this" and "what's the worst that can happen, I'll have to ask for help". 

All the while I struggled with my weight and fitness. My health is the only project I never started with confidence. As a result I progressed in my work life faster then even I planned but never committed to project Vanya. 

In 2012 I married my soulmate Andrew and in 2013 I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy Charlie. 

Being on maternity leave and looking after a baby puts all things in your life into perspective. You start to re-evaluate your life priorities and it dawned on me that the biggest lesson I would like to teach my sun is one I haven't learned my self, how to live a healthy life?

So on July 31st 2014 I decided to change my life and start my next project. This time I'm not doing this because mum said I shouldn't have the cake after dinner, sister said I eat out too much or friends think I should be more active. This time I'm doing this project because Vanya Says So.


I want to be an example to Charlie, I want him to learn that success isn't only materialistic but comes from within. 


Vanya Says So is my way of documenting my journey to a better me. I have always hated viewing the ‘Before’ and ‘After’ photos on ALL the testimonials of the wight loss or fitness products. I have always been more interested in the ‘How’ they got there.

Was it hard, easy, frustrating, challenging? Why did they choose to change their life? How did they pick themselves up after failure? 

This Blog is about all things 'My healthy life': food, fitness, inner happiness and motivation.

I hope this blog helps you reach the goals you wish to reach whether they are physical or a search of inner happiness. I hope I’m not alone in this journey and we can together live a healthy lifestyle.


So buckle up and get ready. You are on the ride of my life.... destination 'my healthy life'






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