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My 2016 Bucket List

I was in the office the other day and while on a conference call was looking out onto the Melbourne botanical gardens. And just like that I had a thought - “We have to come to the gardens this year and have a proper picnic!”


On the way home that day, while NOT listening to my audio book, the thought played on my mind. I have actually never walked in the Melbourne botanical gardens. I have been to the war memorial but that was it. Surely there is more to the gardens then just the war memorial??


That got me thinking further, how many things do I always say I’ll do and never get around to doing? How many things I say I’d like to try and never do? 


I find that there are always things that come up in life and making excuses is too easy. So I’m creating this 2016 bucket list. 


I will write a blog for every completed item below. Since I’m now back at work and life is ‘normal’ again I want to make sure I truly work on my work life balance. Life is to short and I want to make sure I live it with intent. 

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