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Friday Food Diaries {7.8.15}


Welcome back to Friday Food Diaries! For breakfast this morning I went back to one of my favourite cereals, Forage Cereal. I had this with Jalna Greek yoghurt and fresh strawberries and a black coffee.


For lunch I had 1 Slice of multigrain toast, 1 tablespoon of cottage cheese, smoked salmon, 1 tomato and some rocket. Plus some Voss water


My snacks today were Coffee number 2 with a Tangelo (obsessed with Tangelos) and a glass of orange juice mixed with the Isagenix 'greens'.


Dinner tonight was green veggies with one carrot boiled with some quinoa topped with Bolognese sauce and some parmesan + water


I went to a friends house in the evening and she had made some Nutella crapes and a Segafredo short black (yes coffee number 3)

I know I over did the coffee today but I literarily am obsessed with coffee.

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