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December Wrap Up

Happy New Year!!

I was looking forward to December as I thought with the time off I would get a chance to do more reading. Well that didn’t happen!!

December was very much action packed and not for the right reasons. We spent 10 days in hospital with Charlie, he is doing really well now, then a mad rush at work to get things done before year end and finally the pressure of Christmas shopping, eating and celebrating.

All that aside I still did some great reading in December and her is my Wrap up:

Beautiful by Christina Lauren (4 stars)

This is the last book in the Beautiful Bastard series and in this book we follow the budding romance and relationship of Pippa Bay Cox and Jensen Bergstrom.

This book is quirky, funny and very entertaining. The dialogue was witty and the sex scenes steamy. Plus you get to see the other characters from the preceding books and what they are up to now.

My full review is coming very soon.

Beautiful - AMAZON $9.52

Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren (3 stars)

Since I do most things back to front, it would seem, after reading Beautiful I had to read the series from the start. Beautiful Bastard is the first book in the Beautiful Bastard series.

This book was originally written as Twilight fan fiction called The office. The story is about the working or not working relationship between Chloe and Bennett. Bennett is the boss (CEO) and Chloe is his intern/PA. Most of the book was either them fighting or having sex.

But the redeeming part was the the dialogue and the writing. I’m actually excited to read the rest of the books in the series because I can see from he last book Beautiful that the story line does improve significantly.

Beautiful Bastard - AMAZON $3.29

Beautiful Boys collection (Beautiful Bastard, Beautiful Stranger, Beautiful Player) - AMAZON $22.99

Beautiful Bitch by Christina Lauren (2 stars)

This is a novella within the Beautiful Bastard series and is book number 1.5.

This book I think was intended to be an epilogue or a “where are they now”. I’m committed to this series simply because I love the way these authors write. I thought the story was fun and easy to read but they are a couple now so the dynamic wasn’t as steamy to me as it was in the first book it self.

Beautiful Bitch - AMAZON $4.99

The Beautiful Series (10 Books) - AMAZON $58.90

The night Circus by Erin Morgensern (5 stars)

I have no words this book is in best books I read in 2016 list for sure.

I actually listened to this book on Audible and it was that good that I have gone and purchased the book to have a hard copy. I am definitely re-reading this book!

The book is a fairy tail cross between The Prestige and The Illusionist with a Baz Luhrmannesk feel to the setting of this story.

As the name would suggest there is a circus which is open only at night, it arrives without any notice and leave just as mysteriously as it arrives. Under the many roofs of the circus there is a battle waging between two great illusionists and what people believe to be simple tricks is actually much more then meets the eye.

Full book review coming soon.

The Night Circus - AMAZON $10

Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton (5 Stars)

Some months I just feel especially lucky to read more then one book which is worthy a re-read, so here is another one for my best books I read in 2016 category.

Rebel of the Sands is the first book in the series series by the same name, with the second book Traitor to the throne coming out in March this year.

Well this book had it all, magic, action and romance.

This is a new twist on the Arabian nights tales. Except Aladdin is a strong female character with sass and power.

Full review coming soon.

Rebel of the Sands - AMAZON $11.16

Traitor to the Throne - AMAZON $10.99

To the Sea by Christine Dibley (5 Stars)

The last book of 2016 was another re-read worthy book by debut author Christine Dibley and has also made the best books I read in 2016 list.

I received an advanced reader copy of this book from the publisher for an honest review and honestly I finished this book on the 1st of Jan and I still can not stop thinking about it.

This is an Adult Mystery / Fantasy book that takes place in Tasmania and Ireland.

You can read my full SPOILER FREE review here.

I was so mesmerised by this book that I will also be posting a full book talk later this month as well as my interview with the author.

But most importantly keep an eye out of the 13th of Jan as you will get an opportunity to win a free copy of this great book for your self.

To The Sea - Kobo $14.99

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