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An introduction to snow in Australia

I inhale deeply and close my eyes. The smell of snow transports me somewhere far in time and space …..

It’s white as far as the eye can see and all I can hear is the breaking of snow under my booths.

I don’t know what it is about the cold and snow but I feel like a I’m a kid again. Care free, happy and full of energy. It’s like the moment the cold air hit me all my worries and problems were frozen.

As we walk towards the giant snowman, I wonder quietly “when was the first time I saw snow?”

I may not remember my first snow experience but I’ll definitely remember this one! The first time I went to the the snow in Australia.

It must be amusing for a European to read this, in their mind stereotypical Australia is a vast desert with great beaches!

Well I hate to burst the bubble guys but Australia is so much more then that. There is a whole winter wonderland that not even I may self experienced until today and it’s only taken me 21 years to come up her.

Every year I say we’ll go to the snow, but this year is different. This year I have added it to my bucket list. This year snow is a MUST!

Here is a video of our first ever family snow tip.

Weekend in Marysville interesting links:

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