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Book Review - Twist by Kylie Scott

I was laughing, raging and hot and bothered at all the right moments

So what if I felt a little like a high-class hooker. Never mind. First impressions were important.

Reviewing books from authors you have met is always tricky. I almost feel obliged to say I loved it because I’ve met Kylie Scott [w|f|t|i].

That is why I thought it would be hard to do this review, turns out Kylie did me a favour she wrote an excellent book!

Check out my twitter I’m her groupie from way back; and by way back I mean I met her a few months ago at the ARRA 2017.

In fact we met over a rather odd conversation, Kylie said that all her characters have had long hair. I have to admit I am a sucker for short hair and neatly shaven men, but Kylie spoke with such passion about these long mane men that when I got an e-mail from Macmillan to review her new book Twist I had to scream - YES!!….

Twist is a stand alone book in the Dive Bar series. The first book in this series is called Dirty and is definitely worth a read.

This story is about Alex and Joe.

Alex Parks is a self acknowledged hermit who hardly ever leaves her apartment. Events in her past have made her extra careful not to get too close to people in general let alone start relationships. Apart from her best friend Val, she counts the pizza delivery boy as her friend too and only because he delivers her pizza regularly.

Joe Collins is the ultimate nice guy, forever looking after people around him. After much nagging from his younger brother he sets up an online dating account for Eric, which with no surprise Eric looses interest in as soon as it’s set up. When Joe decides to switch the account off he notices an e-mail from Alex in reply to Erics profile and they start to chat.

Only Alex thinks she is talking to Eric. When she decides to surprise Eric with a visit, she is in for a shock.

I was laughing, raging and hot and bothered at all the right moments, but it took me some time to get with the program when it comes to Joe.

To be honest, I couldn’t get into Joe until at least half way through the book. He is described as the blond giant with a beard and long hair. He is always in jeans boots and t-shirt and he can either be found behind the bar serving drinks or helping his dad with handy work. Quite frankly I imagined a hobo with some heavy body odour.

It didn’t help that Alex kept saying Joe wasn’t her type being all hairy and everything.

Yes I could have imagined Joe to look like Chris Hemsworth with the following:

Someone had called Thor. It was the only expiation my befuddled mind could come up with for the almighty pounding upon my door. Thor and his mighty hammer. Goddamn god of thunder.

But I didn’t!

As the romance progressed and I actually started to like Joe I decided I had to get into this character pronto! So I embarked on serious google research and found these:

*deep sigh

Now we are on!

I loved this book. I like the betrayal at the start and I like the fact that Joe was persistent in a non threatening way.

I loved the banter and I really like the two characters. They had similar flaws and as such were compatible. They pushed and pulled just the right amount to ultimately get together and now drive each other apart.

There were moments that had me laughing, especially the scene at the family dinner when Eric is making fun of the new couple or should I say friends with benefits. The innuendoes were very funny, but even more so as everyone at the table knew exactly what they were talking bout.

I just put my self in Alex’ shoes, I would have burned up with embarrassment!!

“Alex is just a little sore from - “

"Building,” I hastily interject “yeah. I’m not used to all that sanding and stuff. My muscles are just a little …. sore.”

“Right. Building.” The asshole who would most likely never live to see my pussy ever again grinned. “That’s what I was going to say.”

When the drama was turned up I was right there with Alex, although I applaud her composure there would have been so much passive aggressive out of me in the same situation… I just wouldn’t be able help my self.

I mean who hasn’t had an ex-girlfriend pop back onto the scene!!

And finally other then the happy ending I have to say - Thanks Kylie for the brief moment I got to spend with Mal Ericsson.

If I wasn’t married and Mal wasn’t a fictional character I’d be his stalker… I mean groupie.

Mal talking about burning his kitchen down:

“But no, I get the blame same as always. she’s all, like, you’re the reason we can’t have nice things. Actually, between you and me, I looked pretty fucking funny with no eyebrows for a month.”

Published by Pan Macmillan

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