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Book Review - One More Song by Nicki Edwards

Feeling a sea change coming on? Then this is the book for you.

I sit here writing this review as Elton Johns Can you feel the love tonight plays in the background.

So I just closed the last page and had to listen to this song just spend a few more minutes with Harry and Eddie.

Thanks to Pan MacMillan for providing a review copy of this book.

This is the first book I’ve read by Nicki Edwards [ W| F | T | I ], and I have to say if you are looking for an easy read this summer then “One More Song” is the way to go.

This is the story of Harry Baxter and Edwina Campbell. You couldn’t get two more opposite characters then these two.

Harry is moved to the city in pursuit of his passion which is music and musical theatre. He is happy with his achievements and looking to grow beyond the theatre scene in Australia and try his luck in London or New York.

Edwina, or Eddie to all her friends, is a small town girl through and through. Involved in all aspects of the small town live, working in the local hospital, organising local community events and is part of the SES team. Eddie’s content in her life and doesn’t see her self moving out of Yallambah a small country town 4 hours drive from Melbourne.

So when the Eddie meets Harry their instant mutual attraction is intense but impossible. What is it going to lead to as they live such different lives?

This book captures a very romantic view of life in the Australian country side.

The story is a beautiful slow romance. Romance between the two main characters and romance with the slow country side lifestyle.

As far as Harry was concerned, it was common knowledge that the first generation started the farm, the second generation built it and the third destroyed it...

I have said this before, I have rose coloured glasses view of small country towns. I have never lived in one but I always imagine what it would be like. When I read books that take place in the country side, no matter what country, I can’t help my self imagining packing up all my possessions and making the sea change.

Nicki has done a great job with depicting the scenery. To the point that I could smell the fresh air and hear the quiet say of the gum trees.

I like the slow build up of the romance between the two main characters. The depth of story is built by intertwining the characters personal plight to self discovery and growth. It just goes to show that we are prepared to change our life for the right reasons or the right person.

I wish that Eddie was a bit stronger personality, especially at the start when she is dealing with Jarrond. I wish she had stood up in that coffee and put him in his place. Yeah she could have cried later and mourned the end of the relationship, but she was going to break up with him anyway.

This a book best read by the pool with a west coast cooler in hand.

Published by MacMillan

AUSTRALIA: iTunes | Kindle


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