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How to visualise a positive outcome

Utilise the imagination to visualise a positive outcomes as oppose to imagining impending disaster.

When emotions override your thinking and the voice inside your head keeps telling you that all is going downhill fast, this is when you HAVE to BELIEVE that all will be well.

I’m sure it sounds and feels impossible or overwhelming to think positive when everything is saying otherwise. Well today I want to share with you my recipe on how to change your thought patterns and get to the desired outcome - BE POSITIVE.

In any recipe there are a few steps and methods needed to create the ultimate master piece.

In the world of uncertainty of liver transplants, or any transplants for that matter, there a few techniques we can utilised to assist our emotional state. The aim is not to lose perspective, as easily as the situation could result in a disaster it’s important that we remember that there is also still possability to have a positive outcome.

So when that inner voice kicks in and starts to convince you that it’s time to start grieving the situation you are in and a negative outcome feels inevitable, you need to remember that the emotions you are feeling are created by our bodies self preservation auto pilot.

We can re-direct that autopilot, just as easily as we can change the direction in our cars satellite navigation.

If you are wondering how to do this then you have come to the right place. In this series of blogs I will be sharing these recipes and techniques with you, in hopes that some of them may help you too.

The vital ingredients to be more positive are:-

For a view on Affirmations please check out the first blog in this series, Why positive affirmations work when you are at your lowest, where I explain the how and in what way.

This blog is about Visualising the positive outcome. In Vanja’s case it was in the form of “Charlie’s Get Well Folder”.

With many hospital visits, seeking various experts, doctors and nurses, each visit Vanja collected information, scripts, new appointment bookings not to mention test findings and Charie’s growth progress (or lack there of).

Most mothers with new borns would utilise the green “My Health and Development Record” folders which are given to track their progress, Vanja however saw this as a point of anxiety. Looking at that book, more and more, represented Charlie’s lack of development and his condition.

As such Vanja created her own unique visual aid to track Charlie’s unique growth in the form of a “Get Well Folder”. The name it self is positive and is a constant reminder that this is your and your babies journey to get well and be healthy.

All the accumulated actions and information in the folder were conscious steps forward. Every appointment, script or hospitalisation visit was one step closer to Charlie’s healthy state.

It doesn't cost any extra to think good feelings and feel good.

So when emotional turmoil is happening and taking over thoughts and actions during the day and night and it seems like a never ending nightmare, consciously choose an optimistic outcome. Utilise the imagination to visualise a positive outcomes as oppose to imagining impending disaster.

Create a get well folder.

Include happy photos and where you will go when your child is healthy. What do you see them doing for after school activities?! What places will you travel to? What yummy treats will you be making and devouring together?

Details on How to create your own get well folder will be available in the next blog.

The shift in focus that the Get well folder creates is small but you will feel an immense burden start to lift as you focus on productive, happier activities. You will find that you have no control over the condition your child suffers and their journey to the transplant, but you will gain control in the management of road that will need to be travelled by staying on top of all the appointment, meetings and medication.

Charlie was off the growth charts when he began his transplant journey on his last appointment (2 years post transplant) he was in the 75th Percentile.

For more information, support and motivation to get through your child's transplant, please follow us on Facebook at Liver Mum's Fight Club.

If you'd like to get in contact with Hayley for some one on one coaching or are interested in the Louise Hay workshops you can call Hayley on 0423 918 259.

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