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Why positive affirmations work when you are at your lowest

An affirmation can bring light on the dark days of your life. Here is how it helped Vanja and may help YOU!

Hayley Leseberg is the ultimate visionary woman. While Hayle’s had to confront some of life's struggles in the past, she doesn’t hold back as she embraces every life opportunity possible.

A life coach, wellness expert, certified Louise hay facilitator and motivational speaker. Hayley is the queen of empowering individuals to realise their self worth. Renowned for her strength and passion for enabling people to see they are worth having a voice and to be heard.

When life gets you down and hands some doozies to you, it can feel like all is going wrong in our life. We are sometimes forced into thinking and focusing on a problem and it starts to take over our world, our thoughts and our actions. This is definitely the case when someone is sick or in need of medical assistance.

YOU are not alone!

Everything from Drs appointments, medications,wait list for donors, dealing with a sick person, using all our energy on catering to find the solution in a world that is so unknown and new to us.

The one thing I know personally that really helped Vanja when she was going through Charlie's diagnosis and waiting period was to focus on what we did have control of. One way that really helped her was for me to introduce affirmations into her life.

An affirmation is a saying that is positive, to focus upon.

Even when it feels as tho it isn't true at the time, it can replace a negative / worrying idea, which isn't true either, and allows a happier outcome to be focused upon. Worry, fear, anxiety comes when we focus so much on the future and create stories that may not even happen. Usually, when people are sick, these end up being worst case.

Regardless, whether you believe in a God, religion, anything or nothing at all, we know the law of attraction has been proven through science: energy goes where energy flows; Likeness attracts likeness; Positive attracts positive and is energetic. Negative attracts negative and is draining.

So an affirmation is allowing the energy to flow to a positive thought, an idea, a happier outcome to allow it to attract itself into your life and also give you breathing space to not always focus on negatives where we get so drained of our energy.

Let's face it, we can't be the best support and have clarity in our thinking when we are tired and drained and full of worry.

Vanja was so worried for Charlie, as mums are for their child on waiting list for an organ donor.

What if he doesn't get a liver?

What if he dies?

What if it doesn't take?

What if he gets sicker and it's too late?

Now insert an affirmation.

Every time Vanja felt herself thinking about an outcome that hasn't happened yet and having it be a negative one, one that may not ever happen, she allowed herself to change it for an affirmation she inadvertently shifted her focus on remaining calm, optimistic and allowed her self to change her energy in that moment.

Charlie receives the perfect liver in the perfect way at the perfect time

This affirmation was spoken and repeated in her head whenever she felt unease, uncertainty of the chaos that happens leading up to her son getting sicker and sicker.

It was almost as though Vanja had no control over anything that was happening, except her affirmation, so she controlled it and used it like a beautiful mumma bear would. She focused all her energy, thoughts and words into the ideal outcome.

Charlie now receives the perfect liver in the perfect way at the perfect time

This than opened the way for her to start to visualise a positive outcome for her son. It also led into her day dreaming into the next phase of recovery. Not only dreaming it but visualising it and feeling it as tho it has already happened.

Seeing and feeling her son healthy, happy and growing older.

So when you find your self imagining doom and feel your self starting to mourn for an event that hasn’t yet come to pass STOP!! Look in the mirror and repeat a positive affirmation, take a note book and write it out 100 times, look at your mum, sister, husband or friend and state the affirmation with conviction.

You will notice your mood will lift.

Some other affirmations that may help in similar situations are

Every hand that touches my child is a helping hand, they are healing and know exactly what my child needs to be healthy

I now release all drama from my life and I now choose to get my energy from peace and harmony.

With every breathe my child returns to his natural state of health and his body heals perfectly.

If you would like to learn more on how to use positive affirmations join us at the Liver Mum's Fight Club at the RCH on the 13th May 2017.

If you can't join on the day then follow us on Liver Mum's Fight Club Face Book page.

If you'd like to get in contact with Hayley for some one on one coaching or are interested in the Louise Hay workshops you can call Hayley on 0423 918 259.

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