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Book Review - Turbulence by Whitney G.

It's about the forbidden romance, the angst of will they won't they get caught, ultimately Whitney G had me at the pilots uniform.

She was getting under my skin, slipping into my marrow, and that was a problem

I'm well into the Romance (Erotic Romance) genre and this is the standard I will compare every book to!

I wish I had the ability to read this book slower and saver it but no such luck. I inhaled this book in two days.

Gillian comes from a family of high achievers, all MIT graduates. She is somewhat of the black sheep of the family because her career aspirations take her to journalism and not brain surgery. In an attempt to escape her judgemental family she moves to New York. In order to afford living in NY she works two jobs - as a housekeeper and as a flight attendant.

Gillian's life changes when she meets Jake, who so happens to be a pilot for the same company as her.

The two start a steamy affair against all company rules. What begins as a one night stand, soon turns into a tumultuous relationship.

This is the first book I read by Whitney G Williams [ F|W], and I loved her writing style. The dialogue between the two characters was very entertaining.

Gillian is a strong independent girl. She is smart, witty and very quick, but mostly I loved her strength and her loyalty.

Jake.... OMG Jake.

This man was the utter definition of perfection, the very template of living, breathing, sex.

Picture Josh Duhmel in a pilots uniformt! Mmm.....

Jake was arrogant, cocky, self assured and direct, but mostly he was so intriguing and very entertaining. Never holding back on sharing exactly what he thinks except when it come to Gillian. What makes him so adorable is that with all that hard shell exterior he really is a big softie at hart. You can't help but fall in love with him!

She was getting under my skin, slipping into my marrow, and that was a problem.

This was a very unique book for me. Most books I have read to date have a Fifty Shades of Grey undertone....Rich boy, poor girl, boy is possessive, girl finds a reason to justify his behaviour etc.

In this book the couple is well paired. They both have their ambitions and independent life's.

Even in the scene described in the epilogue (so I'm not spoiling anything) you can see Gillian's determination not to go back go Jake, yet she is disarmed the moment he steps close to her. On the flip side I like that Jake too recognises that he needs Gillian more then he'd like, that all that hard and in control exterior is shattered the moment she is around.

I could identify with that from personal experience, so that makes them a very real couple to me.

Reading the book from a more critical view point I think there were some gaps in the plot that could have been explained or explained better. Was Jake disowned by his dad and brother or did he disown them? One minute the story covers his not going along with their plot of saying his mother died and next minute they are writing him out of family history.

Jake leaves his wife because she cheated on him with his dad, but the explanation doesn't seem believable enough "you were never home"!! I mean was there no one else she could have slept with? Or did she sleep with the father to make the reader really hate the father as much as jake does?

And finally a little bit about the sex. OMG!! Exhibitionism to the max!

My body now lusted for his touches, my mouth yearned for his tongue, and my pussy throbbed nightly in need for his cock. Sex with him was becoming wild addiction and I never wanted to be cured.

But this is what makes the book good, it’s the angst of getting together or staying together, the possibility of getting caught in the act, it’s the forbidden work romance factor and then there is the uniform.

I mean all story holes aside Whitney G had me at the pilots uniform.

How a complete stranger could make me wet with a dimple smile and a flick of his wrist

Finally once you finish the book don't forge to check out the Epilogue on Whitney G's website.

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