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October Wrap Up

It’s time for October Wrap up!

Please don’t judge me but I went a bit wild in October with my books… yes a total of 10 book. Technically it was 9 new books and one re-read, but who is counting.

I have been mesmerised by stories in the below book list and that may be the reason I chewed through the titles so quickly.

Just to be open and honest some of the books I have read in hard copy, some on kindle and some listened on audible.

Since my discovery of Audible, I have taken up more exercise, driving and house cleaning…. really any excuse I can think of to listen to the books.

Prepare the drum, roll here are my October reads:

This book series is an OBSESSION of mine. I consider my self a rational person, but when it comes to this series (or any book Sarah J Maas has written) I can honestly say I need a psychiatric evaluation.

I had a BOOK HANGOVER after reading A Court of Mist and Fury. I was seriously contemplating getting my hubby to get the same tattoo as Rhys, well actually I was suggesting he changing his name by deed poll to Rhysand….

I know, I know I AM crazy!

In any case if you are interested in a review of A Court of Thorns and Roses please check it out it’s live already and later this month I’ll be posting my book analysis and some theories I have for book three. Book three titles has been revealed as A Court of Wings and Ruin

What a book!!!

I will be writing a review shortly but most importantly I will be writing an analysis of this book. So keep an eye out for that.

As the title suggests this is a story about love and sorrow. It follows the lives of three generations, Avas grand mother, her mother and her own life.

If I could share the imagery that comes to mind when reading this book I’d say combine Hugo, The Great Gatsby and Moulin Rouge and you get this story. If this book was ever to be made into a movie then I petition for Baz Luhrmann for the director role.

This is a MUST read!

This is a story about Caroline, a sassy independent woman, who has just moved into her new apartment. She is on a self imposed “dating hiatus” ever since her last fling which resulted in her loosing her ‘O’ - Orgasm.

On her first night in her new apartment, and thanks to the paper thin walls, she is woken up to loud banging against the wall followed by moaning. As the loud commotion goes on night after night Caroline tries to retreat into her own fantasies to try and outlast the sleepless nights, that is until the Wallbanger literally bounces her out of bed.

Frustrated she storms out of her house in a pink nighty and confronts Simon Parker her next door neighbour and the Wallbanger him self.

This is the first book in the Cocktail series of 4. It’s entertaining but a bit too Vanilla for my liking. I'm still contemplating weather I'm up for reading the next books in the series.

Reese is not doing too well in the dating game these days and is attending yet another blind date. In a desperate attempt to finish the date early she is calling her best friend to save her … enter Chase, who overhears this conversation. Chase find this very amusing and decides to help by bringing his own date over to Reeses table.

As fate would have she is also looking for a new job, which coincidently Chase can help her with.

This was a great read, very witty, fast pace and VERY raunchy. If you are into office romance then you should really get onto this book.

As you well know, my office romance turned into a 15 year relationship, so this was close to home.

I have been very spoiled for good books in October, this was another 5 star read.

An advance reading copy of this book was generously provided by the publisher and the full review was originally posted on BookThingo.

‘Fearless’ is the name of a seven day retreat in Bali that helps people overcome their fears and phobias.

Six strangers, all from a different part of the world with different lives and different fears, begin their journey one beautiful Sunday morning in Bali. Their fears range from flying, heights, public speaking through to intimacy, failure and death.

The story follows their journey of self-acceptance and the acceptance of other influences in their lives. Friendships and romance blossom as the six participants complete challenges and tasks of self-discovery to overcome their phobias.

Halfway through the retreat, the unthinkable happens. A tragic turn of events catapults the group into deadly danger, forcing each member to summon courage they didn’t know they had or ever expected to need.

Check out my full review here.

6 to 10 - Crossfire series by Silvia Day

If you are a fan of Fifty shades of Gray and crave the same style of story then this series is for you. It comprises of the following 5 books:

This is the Story of Gideon Cross and Eva Tramell. I will not review the books individually but I will say this, the story is VERY similar to FSOG however the writing is much better and crisper.

I was listening to these books on Audible and got through them pretty quickly. If I had read the series before Fifty Shades I would have been much more impressed, however I think Sylvia could have done better with her story. It had so much more potential!

The things that I liked in this series over FSOG is that Eva was a much stronger female character. She wasn’t intimidated by Gideon’s money as she had her own and she persuade her own ambitions. She wasn't all consumed by Gideon she was more his equal.

I liked the drama and the fast past story, I think it had a bit too much drama and unnecessary twists but over all an entertaining read....

..... Or I should say some very steamy sex scenes ;)

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