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Upgraded in Koh Samui - Le Meridian Hotel Review

You know that feeling - sitting at your desk at work checking the date and crossing out another day in your calendar. Only two more days and you are on holidays....

Then you close your eyes and picture your self in an exotic far away land, pool side holding a cold colourful cocktail, sun burning your shoulders while you're dipping your feet into the cool water.

Well when I opened my eyes, what I was seeing didn't disappoint. In fact I have to say my imagination wasn't nearly as wild as what actually awaited me here at the Le Meridien in sunny Koh Samui Thailand.

We arrived early on Wednesday and were picked up by the Hotel transfer car, 25 minutes later we pulled into the Le Meridian hotel drive way. Driving down in felt like stepping into an oasis 100 miles away from the hustle and bustle of Koh Samui.

The car stopped just outside the grand entrance, which we ascended and were greeted by the beautiful front desk attended who set us down on the couches while she sorted our check in.

The moment she walked away we were greeted with a much welcomed cold drink and cold refreshment towel.

Day One in paradise began with a hotel room upgrade from the Plunge Pool Suite to the Pool Access Suite. I have included a video of the room tour, needless to say we were VERY happy with our lodgings. But to mark a very happy and relaxing first day the front desk team even sent us a beautifully arranged fruit platter.

The next two days were spent lounging around the pool, tanning, reading books and enjoying the 'happy hour' that start at 2pm and goes until 8 pm. To fully appreciate it you will have to laze around the Plunge Bar from 2-4, then walk to the Latitude 9 bar from 4-6 and finally once you are done there you'll have to make your way down to a seat with the view at the Ocean Pier. Happy hour is a buy one get one free deal of the tastiest cocktails.

If you were like us, simply too lazy to get out for dinner then the restaurant Latest Recipe is the place to indulge in really anything you feel like. They have it all, European, Asian and really good Thai food and you can enjoy it all either pool side or in your room.

Buy day three Andrew and I thought that this holiday couldn't get any better, and then there came the Torrential downpour. I type this with a massive smile, because this is when the Le Meridian team went all out...

We were in our room when the rain hit. On a side note, and because you may find this amusing, we were in the room so that my sports obsessed husband can see the last couple of minutes of the semifinal game between Western Bulldogs and Hawthorn. Andrew is a closet Bulldogs supporter, so much so that we were on face time in Thailand with my sister in Denmark who had the phone turned onto her computer which was streaming the game over the internet from Melbourne.

With the rain the room flooded by the window near the electricity point, so I called the front desk to get some one to have a look at it. Because they had to fix the window where the leak had come from, they asked us politely to move rooms. We were packed in minutes and were being escorted to our new room.

"Don't be so broody, worst case, we'll get the room we paid for", I said to Andy as we turned the corner to a small wooden door.

We were ushered suit cases and all into the the Pavilion Pool Villa!

The front desk girl was really apologetic about the leak in our room and that they wanted to upgrade us. "Nothing to apologise for, these things happen, but really I should thank you" I said, "This room more then makes up for it".

And OMG I'm still speechless about the beautiful room.

So if you think we were content to spend the holiday lazing around the hotel, this new upgrade did nothing to get us out. The only physical activity from that point on was me moving clock wise around our own private pool to keep up with the sun.

In the Pavilion Pool Villa, you get all the perks of privacy, ie topless tanning or the full monty what ever tickles your fancy. Your own coffee machine with pods, large fridge to stock up on all the free water bottles (and duty free champaign) plus a complimentary fruit salad every afternoon.

Overall the hotel is literally paradise on earth, and if you are looking to relax you can't go past La Meridian Koh Samui.

Make sure you sign up for the SPG membership before you arrive, as it'll give you great deals on rooms and especially at the hotel spa, Le Spa. We visited the spa three times, and tried half their packages, every one was beyond relaxing!

So if you are looking for a relaxing, romantic paradise to let loose and re-connect with your significant other I highly recommend the La Meridian Koh Samui.

You can book directly via the hotel web site - Le Meridian Hotels

If you would like a competitive price or a package including flights check out:

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