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Book Review - CONFESS by Colleen Hoover

“Every day I’m grateful that my husband and his brother look exactly alike. It means there’s less of a chance that my husband will find out that our son isn’t his”

Is honesty always the best policy or do we protect our own self conscience at the price of others?

What is your darkest deepest secret? And if you could write it down anonymously what would your confession be?

Mine would be - I love Insta-love and happy endings!

But before you turn away and smirk at me let me tell you that this book delivers a complex story, loads of drama and an ending that not even I saw coming, despite my many years of Law and Order school of investigation.

Firstly let me tell you a little bit about this story.

Auburn Reed has just moved to Dallas and is looking to rebuild her life and start fresh, she has set her new goals and is prepared to do what it takes to reach them and succeed.

One day she finds her self in front of an art studio advertising for an open position where she meets the very attractive, fascinating and mysterious artist, Owen Gentry. Owen receives random confessions which he uses as inspiration for his paintings.

After meeting Owen, Auburn must put her plans ahead of her heart, as she discovers that the secrets Owen carries could put her new life goals in jeopardy.

On the other hand, to save their relationship, all Owen needs to do is confess….

So firstly, you know the book is going to be good when you are crying buy the second page.

Honestly I was balling and was contemplating not going any further, because how do you come back from a heart breaking love story right on the second page?

But Colleen Hoover did it!

If you didn’t already know I’ll tell you again, I LOVE Colleen Hoovers writing stile. She is just like Pringles but of the book writing kind. Once you pop you can’t stop!

I'll love you for ever, even when I can't

Well once you start reading her book you simply can’t put it down until you are DONE….. forget about work, and kids and the poor husband who is hoping for an after work conversation.

Sorry Andy I love you, but OMG Owen just asked her about the painting on her wall …..

I loved the story line and I loved how this simple notion of truth weaved it self throughout every corner of the book. I like how honesty is taken apart by the confessions that are discussed. As a reader you are asked to decide weather telling the truth will truly be worth the sacrifice that truth brings with it.

We teach our kids not to lie, but is honesty always the best policy or do we protect our own self conscience at the price of others?

I really enjoyed Auburn as a character. She is young and exhibits very raw emotions in an attempt to stick to her plan at the cost of her own happiness. I liked watching Auburn take charge of her destiny as she matures throughout the book. She was inevitably thrown into the life she has but instead of being passive she fights from the depths of her despair to claw her way out of the situation. She acknowledges her naivety but doesn’t let that deter her from learning and growing.

As for Owen, what can I say! He is both the main and support character. I liked that he was protective, none judgemental, supportive, understanding and not intimidated by Auburns inner strength. He wanted to shield Auburn from the circumstances she was in but at the same time he let her choose her own destiny and path. He loved her and so he was willing to let her go.

Owen reminds me very much of my hubby and I loved him for it.

So to my confession this book is instal-love with a ‘happy’ ending, but it is also much more then that. It is about what we are willing to do for our self and the once we love in order to get to the ‘happy’ ending.

“Hopefully she has more then one fate, Owen”

Published by Atria Paperback

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