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2016 Bucket list - Own a Home Gym

The first cab off the rank!!!

If you have been following me on social media then you already know that one of my bucket list items is complete.

The home gym is finished and it’s open for business!!

The first time I ever had the vision of a home gym was when I was 18 in Vienna on a holiday. Today I am 34 so it’s only taken me 16 years, to create what I visualised.

When I look back I had attempted to do this in the past but for what ever reason didn’t succeed 100%.

So Why did I want this home gym so bad?

Save time

In the past I thought I was time poor and then I had a baby!!!

Mother hood for me was very time consuming not only because I was new to it but because Charlie needed more care then other babies due to his Liver condition. I tried to go to they gym, but to be honest I felt guilty.

Exercise consisted of half hour spent getting ready and going to they gym, 45 min at the gym, 15 min getting home then 20 min showering after. So in total I would have to allocate 2 hours to every work out.

Now I get dressed quickly go into my garage do a 45 min workout quickly shower and I’m done in 65 min.

Save money

Even if you pay for the cheapest membership you are still paying too much! Why?

Well how many weeks/ months have you paid for and simply didn’t go to the gym at all?

I have spent thousands over the years. Having that membership didn’t make me want to go to they gym any more out of guilt then it did out of motivation.

Depending on what type of home gym you want to create you can outlay as little as $15 and as much as $1000s.

The difference for me is that the money is spent on equipment that is mine. Equipment I can use today and in 5 years time and if I change my mind I can sell it. Something you can’t do with your 6 month committed membership


I have access to work out 24/7! That doesn’t mean I’ll get up at 4 am to do a work out.

Pfftt...Please I’m not a morning person!

Accessibility means that if I find my self motivated or with some time on my hands I can just go and do a workout. This could be first thing in the morning, in-between my meetings (I work from home a lot) or after Charlie has gone for a nap any time of the day.

I don’t have to schedule my ‘workout time’ I can do it when it suits me.


I know what you are thinking, there is way more variety at the gym. They have classes more equipment more room …..

That is true, but you can have the same from home.

You can hire a PT to come to you. Since they won’t have to pay the gym their cut their price is cheeper then if you hire them there.

In terms of exercise plans the sky is the limit. All you need to do is download a free app. The apps I use for training inspirations are Run keeper, Zova, TRX or and let’s not forget Pinterest.

And did you know there is a new class starting in my gym every time I’m ready to do one. Zumba, Les Miles…


I have left the most important for last.

For those of you who think that exercise is hard cos you have a little one and no one to watch him/her/them while you exercise.

Well at your home gym they can exercise too.

I have set up some great obstacles for Charlie to keep him self occupied while I work out.

But also there is nothing stopping you from including your baby/toddler in your work out

Sometimes we have to define why we want something to know how to achieve it. This longstanding bucket list item is finally completed!!

I could not be more excited and motivated to get in there and get a work out done!

If I have sparked some curiosity in you and you are now thinking how great it would be to have a home gym. Then you are in luck this month I will be posting a “how to” create your own. Stay tuned ;)



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