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The Weigh In -Stats for April

It is time for the April stats!!

I promised to share with you the good, the bad and the ugly, on this journey of mine. In my newsletter to the subscribes last week I confessed to having indulged in the Easter weekend festivities.

It’s not what you think, I kept to my calories only had one cheat day but I didn’t exercise the three days as I usually do. It’s School holidays so Tap class is on a break and I have been feeling a little bit run down.

These are not excuses it is simply my assessment after the fact. This has lead me to review what I did right and wrong and change my approach so that this week I’m in a better situation then last week.

Starting Weight - 97kg Current Weight - 94Kg Goal Weight 1 - 90kg Goal Weight 2 - 85Kg Goal Weight 3 - 80Kg

Total weight loss - 3kg

Over all I have also lost cm's this week. Most significantly around my waist full 5 cm.

The adjustment I made was to adjust the calories on exercise days vs no exercise days.

On days I did a work out I ate 1800 calories and on my days off 1500.

Over all I feel great!

This month I’m proud of my achievement, and I’m not talking about the over all weight loss. I’m proud that I didn’t give up on this first hurdle. Used my strategy as listed in <BLOG> and I didn’t succumb to my emotional eating after perceived failure.

Vanja 1 - Self Saboteur 0


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