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What I ate Wednesday {30 Mar}

When I’m lacking motivation I always like to look at what healthy people are eating. It recharges my motivation and resolve!

I thought you may find it interesting to see what I eat now that I’m on Lite n’ Easy.

Does the food really look like the pictures on the adds?

And with that idea I have decided to start this ‘What I ate Wednesday’ series. Every Wednesday I’ll post a short blog with images of what I have eaten. Hope you enjoy this and I hope it motivates you to keep going on your weight loss journey.


Fresh Omelette (Two eggs, ham & tomato mix and cheese) with Ciabatta toast and butter

Coffee (Nespresso Carmelito) and glass of water


Chicken and Bacon Caesar Wrap with Salad, Mayo and Parmesan Plus Fresh grapes

Coffee (Nespresso Carmelito) and glass of water

Afternoon snack

Spaghetti bowl & glass of water


Meatloaf, mash and gravy & two glasses of water

Evening Snack

Apple, Mixed nuts and Classic Choc and Oat Bar

Bottle of Pump 700ml water

Todays total was 1800 calories and 2 litres of water.

The food was great I loved every meal!!

I skipped the morning snack as I wasn't very hungry after the breakfast so had it in the evening.

The morning snack was the apple.

What did you eat today?

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