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Unboxing of the Lite n’ Easy first delivery

Are you thinking of taking the plunge and signing up to Lite n’ Easy? May be you are not sure of what to expect when it arrives on your door step.

Before I took the plunge I spent hours searching to see what it all looks like and what I can expect. Does the food look as good as the commercials?

This post was inspired exactly by that thought.

Today I want to share with you the unboxing of my first Lite n’ Easy delivery.

I placed my order Sunday night after spending some time choosing the meals I’d like for the week. You get to pick from two options for each breakfast and lunch plus seven dinners from a long list of great choices. Based on their assessment of my goals I have selected the 1800 calories 7 days a week plan to start loosing weight.

I received the delivery at 9 am on Tuesday morning.

It arrived in a styrofoam box on my door step.

One really good thing about these boxes is that I can leave it out next delivery day and the delivery guy will take it with him. So I won’t end up will a million boxes in the house.

The box is separated into two compartments FRIDGE and FREEZER.

The left hand side contains all the items that should be frozen including a dry ice pack. The right side contains the items to be placed in the fridge and one normal ice pack. The idea of the packaging is to ensure that the delivered goods will maintain their desired temperature until you get home from work.

Each bag is labeled so I know exactly how to store the food.

Included in the pack is my seasonal menu. Lite n’ Easy change their food choices depending on the season. When I ordered the pack it was the second week of the Autumn menu which they call Week B. Autumn menu goes from 9 Feb - 22 May.

Each day is numbered. So if you get your delivery on the Tuesday your Day 1 is Wednesday. You are required to eat all the food labeled same day as per the bave pictured menu. The only choice you get to make at the end of the day is what dinner you'll eat. Dinners are averaged out in calories so you can have your pick regardless of what day you are on.

Starting with Day 1, my menu for the day as I selected on the Sunday is option A for breakfast and option A for lunch

Option A - Breakfast & Morning snack

Fresh Omelette (two eggs, ham & tomato mix and cheese) with Ciabatta Toast and butter.

Fresh fruit - grapes

Option B - Lunch and Afternoon snack

Chicken and Bacon Caesar Wrap with Salad, Mayo and Parmesan plus apple

After noon Snack - Spaghetti Bolognese

I saved the actual afternoon snack which was Mixed nuts and a Classic Choc & Oats bar for after dinner snack.

My issue with food in most part is with organisation. Time to sit down and come up with a menu plan, time to go shopping, time to do food prep for the week and then actually make sure I stay on track with my portion sizes.

It is this exact reason that led me to sign up with Lite n' Easy. Based on the first week I get variety, everything is already prepared for me and all is measured out to the exact calories that I need if I want to loose weight.

If you are interested in learning what the right diet is for you and why I chose Lite n' Easy, hop on over and read How to break the shackles of dieting.

I hope that this has helped you in your research on what diet will work for you.

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