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July 15, 2018

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The Body Transformation - Weigh In

March 15, 2016

My last post was all about how to break the shackles of dieting


The first step of breaking the shackles is the “Weigh in”! 


In the past I have found this step to be the first in my down fall. Every diet I go through the motions and pretend to be excited, but really deep down I have never believed that I can do it. And so a few weeks down the track I would inevitably fail and the saboteur in me would pop her head up and say  “Told you it wasn’t going to work”.


I would then give up, sometimes not even weigh my self as I would conclude it was not worth it. The saboteur would say “You know you have not lost a gram, save your self the pain”


Today I say dust your self off and try again!


I now believe that I can do it and when there is doubt, I will tell my self I will do it.


To the point of this post, I want to share with you my progress. So here we go my first weigh in took place last Wednesday the 9 March. Today is March 16 and it would appear that I have lost 1.2 Kgs.


  • Starting Weight - 97 Kg  

  • Goal 1 - 90 Kg  

  • Goal 2 - 85 Kg  

  • Goal 3 - 80 Kg

  • Final Destination - 75 Kg


Starting Calories 1800

I will post my progress every month. I am doing this both for mine and your benefit. I need accountabilety and you need to see that I can do it. 


If you have read this far then you are officially part of my cheer squat ;)



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