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How to reset your healthy lifestyle

Are you feeling bloated, unfit and dissatisfied about how you look? Are you stressing about the fact that summer is here and you don’t fit into any of your summer cloths? Have you had enough?

Well you are not alone!!!

I have been feeling all of the above and on top of that have realised that I don’t fit into any of my work suits, which I was intending to wear when I go back to work in December. I have come to the realisation that if I continue down this path I’ll only feel worse so I HAVE to do something about this NOW.

It doesn’t matter how or why I got here!!

I have been focused on healthy lifestyle since the start of the 2015. But sometimes even with my best intentions life draws you away from your goal.

Today I’m pressing the “Factory Reset” button on my life and am starting again. And there is no better time then the start of a new year.

If you are wondering what that means and how you too can re-set your diet and exercise well here are my 5 tips:

  • Don’t get obsessed - You need to remember that you are NOT on a diet and that exercise and good food is part of your everyday life. This is a very important point to me!!! I have to keep reminding my self that this is a lifestyle and that this is how I choose to live. When I feel down because of my fitness level or weight gain I go into weight loss obsession mode. I get so focused on “weight loss” that I start to sabotage any attempt at actually turning my habits around to achieve my goal. I make my self believe that the only way to feel happy again is to loose weight. I go back to being obsessed with calorie counting despite the fact that I know it doesn’t work for me.

  • Believe you can - Success is relative for every one. But what is absolutely true is that if you don’t believe in your self you have lost the battle before you started. Visualise your self reaching your goal! If you believe you can then you will and if you believe it’s all too hard and you can’t then you won’t. If you follow me I have a whole series around positive thinking that you can apply to any goal you want to reach.

  • No excuses - I’m the queen of making excuses, just ask my husband. I have promised my self to follow a weekly food and fitness plan and I need to ensure that no matter what I keep to the plan. Because there is really no reason why I should not. The only valid excuse to change my set out plan for the week is if something unavoidable happened, for me that would be a hospital visit.

  • Don’t lie to your self - I wrote a blog last year called Me, Myself and my Saboteur, and it’s funny how we trick our self into believing what ever is convenient at the time. For example, if today I was feeling light and energised I would give my self permission to indulge a bit too much or not to do exercise that day. Once you set or re-set your goals you need to stick to your plan 110%. Don’t give in to your inner saboteur stay on track.

  • Prepare - Weather it’s food or exercise you need to prepare and organise. This means, plan your food for the week even prep some of it to make it easier on your self during the week. Do a cook up Sunday and make your luncher & dinners ahead of time. That way you have food ready in your fridge and less reason to stray after a long day of work. Set your exercise cloths aside so you can get a work out first thing in the morning. Prepare your gym bag and take it with you to the office so you can go to the gym straight from there instead of going home and talking your self out it later.

As for me, I feel that I have navigated the emotional mine field of 2015 and now choose to leave it behind. What’s happened has happened and I can not change it.

I can focus on today and ensure that I make healthy choices that’ll bring me closer to my goals one day at a time.


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