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How to create earring storage for less then $50

Today I thought I share with you one of my DIY projects.

After LONG Pinterest research I decided to organise my earrings in a very simple and pretty way. If you are tired of now knowing what you have in your jewellery box to accessorise your wardrobe then this is the project for you.

One of my motivations to do this is the below image of my “Jewellery storage system”. I kew I had nice pics to wear but always opted for the default because I just could not be bothered rummaging through the mess to find things.

You will need the following

  • Small 12 x 17 cm frame (IKEA $7.99)

  • Large 40 X 50 cm frame (IKEA $14.99)

  • Large 40 x 50 cm cork board (Daiso $2.80)

  • 1m lace fabric (IKEA $1.99)

  • Hot glue-gun & glue (OfficeWorks $14.50)

  • 1 pack of pins (Daiso $2.80)

Small display

  • Discard the backing and the glass of the frame.

  • Measure our the lace and cut a piece to fit the frame, I have cut a slightly larger then frame pice so that I can stretch when glueing

  • Place some glue on the inside back bottom part on frame. You don’t need a lot of glue just a few dabs. Place the fabric as stretched out as possible onto the glue and wait a few minutes to dry. Repeat this on each side of the frame and make sure to slightly stretch the fabric to ensure it is firm.

  • Leave to dry for a few hours

  • Arrange your earrings as you like

Large display

  • Take the frame apart and discard the glass and cardboard backing

  • Distribute a few drops of the hot glue around the inside of the frame

  • Place the cork board inside the frame, depending on the side of your cork board you may be able to fold the metal clasps down, but once the glue has dried the bard will stay in place.

  • Leave to dry a few hours

  • Take the Pins and your earrings and arrange the larger earrings with the pins onto the board

Both Frames are thick enough to be able to stand on their own once placed on the table or shelf. You could also add a thread at the back of each frame and hang them on the wall.

I display mine so that when I’m getting dressed they are in full view and I can visualise my final outfit.

If you liked this DIY Project please comment below and let me know. But if inspiration strikes and you make your own display frames please tag me @vanyasaysso or #vanyasaysso on Facebook or Instagram. I would LOVE to see what designs you come up with.


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