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Forage Paleo Cereal Review and Competition

If you would like to win and taste some great healthy cereal then keep reading to the end for competition instructions.

A few weeks ago my husband brought in a huge parcel into the house together with his ‘angry’ look.

Defence mechanism mode “on”!!

“I swear I didn’t do any online shopping!! I don’t know what this is”

To my pleasant surprise the package was from the Forage cereal team. It was three flavours of their cereal together with a lovely hand written note.

The Forage team are doing a 4 week challenge ( And I am over the moon to try the product out!!

I have to admit, I had passed their product on the shelfs before and at the time decided not to buy it because well, it was healthy, gluten free, dairy free cereal … I just assumed I wasn’t going to like it.

Based on experience anything healthy can’t taste good, right?!?!


I take back all assumptions of healthy cereal and present Forage Cereal!!

I received 3 Flavours, listed below in order of preference:

  1. Forage Paleo - The Paleo pack was gone in a matter of 2 weeks. Yes,we are talking about a 1 kg pack here. I ate it for breakfast snacks and desert.

  2. Forage Cereal - very nice with puffed rice, quinoa and dried fruits

  3. Forage Bircher - I wasn’t the biggest fan of the bircher only because I’m not a fan of coconut. I thought that it was just a little bit too heavy on the coconut for my taste.

So the big question…

Would I buy it?

Well the answer is YES I would and I have!!

Considering this is healthy cereal it gives me the convenience I need with a taste I love. I have had this for a quick breakfast with yoghurt or with my morning smoothy.

It’s perfect as a snack, just pack a small zip lock bag with the Forage Paleo and eat it during the day on it’s own or with a small tub of yoghurt.

In the absence of blender or yoghurts, you can have the cereal with some almond milk.

And now to the competition!

If you are interested in trying my all time favourite breakfast cereal, then all you have to do is:

  • Sign up to the Vanya Says So News letter (Sign up for is on the right hand side on the Home Page)

  • Like me on Facebook

  • Follow me on Instagram

The lucky winner will get a printable of my Forage Breakfast recipes together with a 1 Kg Pack of my favourite Forage Paleo Cereal.

The competition ends on Monday 24 August 2015.

Good luck :)

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