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Friday Food Diaries {31.7.15}


Welcome to my first Friday Food Diaries! For breakfast this morning I Paleo pancakes with frozen barrie and maple syrup with a black coffee .


For lunch I had what I call the Aussie-Bosnian Salad. Tomatoes, Cucumber, baby Bocconcini, Avocado with a salt and Pumpkinseed oil dressing


After lunch I had an afternoon coffee (Soy Latte) from the local coffee.


Dinner was a Green Bean stew (or Buranija which is the Bosnian name of the dish)


For "dessert" I had a Nutella Doughnut I bought earlier in the day from the local caffe...I know, naughty but all in moderation.

My water intake was pretty horrible today as I only drank about 1L...oops!! I’m not good with water consumption and is something I’m working on every day. For recipes on the above check out my recipes in My Healthy Kitchen.

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