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How to start a Book Club

I have always wanted to be part of a book club!!!

I love reading books, I get excited when I hear some one is reading same book as me and we can discuss, but the old me had just enough excuses why I shouldn’t do it.

  • There isn’t enough time

  • I don’t know if I have enough enthusiasm to join a group of strangers

  • I’m so busy I can’t commit to reading a whole book in a month

Well in keeping with the theme of my healthy lifestyle I’m changing things in my life that will make me happy and not keeping to my every day rut.

The other day I was walking with my mum and was telling her how I’d love to do a book club, we got so deep into conversation about all the positives that when I got home I sent an e-mail to some of my girlfriends that I thought would be interested and BOOM the book club was formed.

So if you are looking at starting your own Book Club and need some help then this is the the post for you.

Step 1 - The Idea is born - “I want to start a Book Club”

What a great Idea!

Create a list of all your friends who you believe would be interested in being part of the club. And send them a quick email or SMS to see if they are interested. You can choose to keep the invitation to your friends only or open it up to friends of friends if you don’t think you have enough people who would be interested in your circle

Most importantly I would like to mention that if you are wanting to be part of a book club but don’t think you can get enough people to join, consider this - Two people make a club.

Don’t be discouraged if there is only two or three of you at the starting point that is all you need to have a book discussion and a nice social gathering. Over time you will inspire more people to join.

Step 2 - Book Club Launch Date

Let’s be honest the more people you have interested the harder this step is going to be.

You should pick a date that every one agrees on and set your first Book Club catch up. If you have too many people and are finding it hard to get every one to attend on the same day then go with the date that suits the Majority.

Step 3 - Book Club Launch Place

Our first Book Club was Launched at my lovely sisters apartment. She lives central to every one who was attending and has no kids so our Friday night Launch was held there at 7 pm.

Since this was my project I had nominated my self to organise the food and drinks for the evening.

Depending on your group you could also choose a nice quite caffe and do a brunch on a weekend that way you don’t have to worry about catering the occasion.

If however you are having it at your place you should make sure every one has had dinner and serve things like dips with veggies, a small cheese platter. Make sure you get a nice bottle of champaign to toast to the first meeting ;)

Coffee, Tea and cake are also an excellent option.

Step 4 - Organising the Book Club Launch

Once everyone agrees on the date and place of meeting for your first catch up you would send a note to all to start thinking and brainstorming the type of books the club should read.

This is a great way to get an understanding of what types of books every one likes to read. You’ll find out if every one has the same taste in books or if there are people in your group that have a completely different taste to you. This is a fun way to also get into reading books you generally wouldn’t pick.

I sent the following list to my book club members to get them thinking in preparation to our catch up:

1. A Book 2 Movie

2. A book from the 100 best selling books in 20014

3. A Book you have been meaning to read 4. A book from your childhood 5. An uplifting, motivational, positive, meaning of life kind of book 6. An Autobiography or Biography 7. A book originally written in a different language 8. A book by an Australian author 9. A book EVERYONE has read but you 10. A book published this year 11. A romantic novel 12. A book selected from the "1001 Books you must read before you die" list

Step 5 - Make a Facebook group

This is an optional step but we have a closed Facebook group. Which we use to communicate through. This is great to post pictures share thoughts on the book that is being read or simply stay in touch.

In preparation for our first meeting I created the group, invited all the book club members and sent them the first official Book Club meeting invitation.

If you decide to start your own club I would love to hear about it. Tag me in your pictures @vanyasaysso or #vanyasaysso.

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