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Weekend Pondering: 2015 Vanya’s New Year’s Resolutions

I swore to never do new year's resolutions as I never stick to them. But then I realised that they were all diet and weight related. I changed the way I formulated my resolutions and how I made my goals.

So here are some goals and lifestyle changes I want to make in 2015:

  • Accept that I can not control everything

I’m a Virgo and my natural habitat is to plan things, create “to do” lists, sort things and create order, but mainly to control everything and every one in my life. Not surprisingly I chose to be a project manager in my career. I feel content in that environment as everything has a projected end date. I even gave birth on a previously set and agreed date. I was to show up to hospital on Friday 13 2013 to be induced. But it seems that the universe is trying to teach me a new life lessen, to let go of the control that gives me so much comfort.

  • Learn to be more patient

I don’t know if it the fact that I’m Gen Y or my need to have things under control, but I am constantly being confronted with situations where I have to learn to be more patient. In 2015 I need to practice this craft, I need to understand that everything will happen when it is supposed to and that no matter how much I wanted something to happen yesterday I have to know that when it does happen it is meant to be so.

  • Be a better wife, sister, daughter and friend

With Charlie taking up all of my physical time and mental capacity, I have to admit (as hard as that is) that I may have let some of my other relationships slip. This year I want to make sure that I’m more attentive to other important people in my life. I will make time to listen to my husband and stop doing the things that annoy him. I will be more present in conversations with my sister and my parents as I know that I tend to “zone out” half way through them talking (it has been brought to my attention and no I don’t know where I go when the blank look comes on). I will try to be more social with friends and take my self out of my comfort zone.

  • Make healthier choices in life

I will be more mindful with the food choices I make. I want to try and follow the paleo way as close as I can, but allow my self all food in moderation. I also want to consciously make an effort at opting for the gym work out instead of “relaxing at home”.

  • Make time for my blog

I want to organise my self and my time better to be able to post blogs more frequently. I would like to work on my blog web site and create a bi-lingual blog. I have never had a hobby I enjoyed more!

  • Be better with money

I’m now embarking on my second year of maternity leave. This was not a planned year off as such our finances will need to be managed much better. I will not receive maternity payments from my employer or parental leave from the government. This year there will be no tax return or bonus payments for me. We are solely relying on one income. I have to spend less!

  • Don’t take things so seriously

I feel like I’m my own worst enemy sometimes, I create stress for my self where there is none. In 2015 I want to learn to relax and not take my self too serious and so not take things too much to heart.

  • Live in the moment

I have spent most 2014 living in the past, replaying Charlies diagnosis and forever analysing what the Dr. said or what he meant. I have also spent a lot of time wishing that the time would fast forward so we get to the transplant sooner. I need to learn to enjoy the moment right now as I won’t be able to relive the past (thank god) and the future is unknown (and this ties in with my resolutions 1 and 2)

  • Laugh more

What can I say, even in time of adversity we all need to learn to laugh more and enjoy the good moments.

  • Learn to enjoy the rest of my maternity leave

Despite the journey we are waiting to embark any minute now (Charlies transplant) and the financial spending ban, I want to enjoy this next few months to year. This time only happens once in a life and I want to say I lived through it with eyes wide open.

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