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Subscribe and WIN

To help launch I have decided to do a mini giveaway for all those who wish to subscribe to my blog.

“But, why should I subscribe?” you ask.

Good question!!

1. Be the first to read new posts, reviews and recipes. Receive notifications of upcoming competitions

2. You’ll have the opportunity to provide your feedback on what you’d like to see more of or less of, help me build better blog content

3. You could win the giveaway below

4. Well, because Vanya Says so!!!


How to Subscribe?

It’s very simple. Just go to the HOME page of enter your e-mail address int he field below and enter subscribe.


The competition closes by end of day Monday 22nd Dec. The first 100 subscribers will go into the draw to win the below giveaway.

As for the giveaway, I’m OBSESSED with smell. Especially since there is a baby in the house and I change nappies, what feels like, ALL day long.

I have been trying out all different brands and types of candles in search of the best.

So here is a brand I really like, and this is their special Christmas edition.


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