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How to start living a healthy life?

Thank you for reading my first blog post and for your words of encouragement.

To say I was nervous to post my very first blog and put my self 'out there' is an understatement.

I think of my self as a very confident person however, telling my inner most thoughts, feelings and anxieties was not a very easy thing to do.

I have never openly discussed my feelings about my body issues. If the topic ever arose I was VERY defensive about it. Mainly, I don't think I allowed my self to acknowledge the truth about how I felt about my weight.

While pressing that 'PUBLISH' button I was worried about:

  • Will anyone read this

  • Will people judge me

  • Will people's perception of me change

  • Will I succeed in my quest and uphold the courage of my convictions

Well there is no turning back, my thoughts, feelings and intentions are now out for the world to see!

So I'm starting this new project the only way I know how, by putting together a project plan.

My first question was "What does a healthy lifestyle mean to me?"

To me it means:

  • Having a healthier relationship with food

  • Eating in moderation and not going without

  • Being active

  • Learning better ways to combat my emotional tie with food

  • Being happy and content with my self

  • Living in the now

To achieve this I plan to start with the following:

  • Document my current states

  • Set Goals

  • Schedule my life

  • Work on my food

  • Schedule exercise

  • Set Rewards

  • Change my habits through small weekly or monthly goals

Over the next few days and weeks I will really think and plan on how to tackle each of the points in my plan. I don't want to rush this!

I want to set a new foundation to my own thought process and create new habits. They say that we are more likely to achieve worthwhile goals if we have good habits.

In my next post I will share with you how I meal plan.

Until then, what do you imagine when you think of living a "healthy lifestyle"?


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